PVPA nariai Cognizant ieško talentų vadovo (-ės)

We are looking for a Talent manager, 1 FTE, TL/TM grade to join HR team.

Main responsibilities:

• Support and challenge managers on strategic and operational level in various people related matters.
• Proactive execution of people agenda, which enables operations to succeed with their business goals.
• Advice, influence, challenge and guide team leaders, managers on different aspects of people management and people implications on business decisions.
• Ensure the whole HR value chain runs smoothly (onboarding, performance management, promotions, development, exiting etc.).
• Close cooperation with Cognizant Academy and execution of local development activities.
• Effective collaboration with Global Diversity & Inclusion team and execution of local initiatives.
• Coordination of succession planning.
• Analyze C-Pulse data and present analysis for stakeholders.
• Coordination of Career Planning & CCA and Performance Management processes.
• Communication, coordinate information flow/submission to business teams and ensure it is in compliant with HR policies & process.


• At least 2 year of experience in management: HR, project management or business.
• Excellent communication, presentation and teamwork skills.
• High level of emotional intelligence, people agility, learning agility.
• Highly self-motivated and could work independently when required.
• Capable to prioritize effectively, to organize workload and to be efficient at multitasking.
• High level of problem solving, change management competency.
• Fluent in English and Lithuanian
• Bachelor/Master degree in HR, Law, Administration or Business.

Here is what our Talent Manager Goda says about this role:

In brief, my 2 years’ experience in Cognizant HR could be described like this: from radio program to succession planning implementation and business partnership. I can honestly say, that working in HR brought me unbelievable development opportunities and helped me to understand BUSINESS, PEOPLE & MYSELF better.

  • I always had access to bigger picture, like the whole centre attrition data, each account specifics and challenges.
  • I facilitated monthly Manager’s club initiative and wanted to make it a private forum of sharing ideas / good / bad practices to grow.
  • I always had a right to choose projects I worked with in HR, for example like Training, Diversity & Inclusion, Succession planning and certainly – every-day business partnership, etc.
  • Apart from personal growth and development, I especially liked that I got to know Cognizant employees much better.
  • It was important for me to guide new managers by arranging meetings with them and encouraging them to be proactive.

If you are interested and find your experience relevant, please send your CV indicating “Talent Manager” to Edita Znutiene (edita.znutiene@cognizant.com). If you have any questions about the position – do not hesitate to contact by phone: +370 68690099



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